Beth Goldman Inkwell Collection

Glass and Metal Puppy-Form Inkwells

Group of 4 Glass and Metal Puppy-Form Inkwells comprising a Silvered Metal Puppy-Form Double Inkwell (paint rubbed and with scratches), Bonzo The Dog Frosted Glass Inkwell marked Bonzo and with Registration number 719074, circa 1920’s (head reglued to collar, surface grime, tiny frits to ears, frit to tongue, some rust to hinge, paint rubbed), Doghouse with Puppies Double Inkwell with one glass and one porcelain inkwell (edges rubbed), Bonzo Frosted Glass Inkwell with paper label ‘L.W. Brandt & Co. Hamburg’ also marked Bonzo Reg. No 719074, circa 1920’s (paint rubbed).

The Collection