Beth Goldman Inkwell Collection

617877_003Beth Goldman’s interest in inkwells began when she was in her late 20’s in the early 1970’s. She traveled to England and picked up a handful of inkwells at a London flea market. They were small enough to fit into her suitcase and she found them interesting. Her father was a history buff and her mother was an art collector. Therefore, Beth appreciated the value of preserving history as well as the beauty and artistry of the inkwells.

Over time, she acquired a nice personal library of 617835_008books about inkwells as a result of her research through the years. She loved that there were so many wonderful inkwell designs from all over the world. Throughout her life, she continued to purchase inkwells when she traveled and also found inkwells in antique sales here in the United States. Later, online auctions greatly helped her increase her collection.

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